He’s Done It

1744 metres in 40 minutes and with 71 throws. Yesterday I successfully threw the club a mile in under an hour to complete my Sport Relief challenge. The weather was as kind as can be expected for this time of year, and there was a great turn out to cheer me home at Gateshead Stadium. My furthest throw was just under 28 metre, with my shortest being 17.50 metres, but consistensy was the key and I averaged around 25 metres which ended up being more than good enough.

I started to feel the pace halfway through and was worried at one point that we might run out of markers (we had 72), I did it with a few pegs to spare and before my body seized up.

The media coverage has been tremendous and the sponsorship is still coming in. Here are links to the various articles about the event:




S-no-w Joke!

Less than 24 hours until my sport relief challenge and it’s snowing. I’ve thrown in all kinds of conditions over the years, but Saturday morning was the first time I’ve thrown in 2 inches of snow – you have to remember I don’t usually even look at a club until well into March. So it’s a pretty new experience for me, and not only have I got to throw 1609 metres tomorrow, I’ve got to do it in the freezing bloody cold. On Saturday I got upto about 1100 metres and totally seized up, so I know I’m in for a tough time.

All  I can say to those that are coming down to Gateshead Stadium tomorrow morning is to get really wrapped up and bring some hot coffee for me. We’re up to over £500 on my JustGiving page, which is great, and hopefully the sponsorship will continue to roll in even more once I’ve done the challenge.

Tooning Up for the Throw

Only a few days until I attempt to Throw a Mile next Tuesday, and the weather is getting predictably worse. Things are coming into place nicely though, so I can start to consentrate on what I do best – throwing a stick over my head. I’ve thrown once since I got my pride and joy back, which was to do some filming for BBC Look North, it was absolutely brass-monkeys that morning and took me a while to persuade my body to start moving. I did throw for an hour and I was a bit stiff and sore afterwards, but it was good to blow some cobwebs away.

NUFC lent their weight to my challenge today. I went to their training ground to meet manager Chris Houghton (pictured left) and a few of the players ahead of Tuesday’s challenge. Kevin Nolan was the first to pledge his support by filling in the sponsorship form I had taken along. I know how tight footballers are, so was prepared to give it the hard sell, but Chris Houghton assured me he would get the lads to cough up some sponsorship for me.  I also caught up with Shola Ameobi, and we discussed our hip problems. Then I grabbed Andy Carrol and Peter Lovenkrands for a quick photo (below). The support I’ve had so far has been tremendous, and I’m hoping loads of people come along next Tuesday at 11am to Gateshead Stadium – I’m sure you’ll have nowt better to do so get yourself along! Keep that money coming into www.justgiving.com/throwing-a-mile

Media Hore etc…

As we come to exactly three weeks until my Sport Relief challenge, publicity is building and there’s a good article in the Chronicle today – http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/north-east-news/todays-evening-chronicle/2010/02/02/paralympian-stephen-miller-in-charity-drive-72703-25743689/ 

It is currently snowing, which doesn’t fill me with hope of good weather on the 23rd, but I’m used to throwing in bad weather and it will just make it even more of a challenge. I have my throwing frame back, so I will be able to have a few chucks before the big day – always good.