Time On Mind

There’s not enough hours in the day.
Where does the time go?

More time is less time.
The less time there is,
the less time to waste.

What is time anyway?

It’s not a physical thing.
Just a period between events,
gaps that aren’t filled.

Do I use time or waste time?

Time wastes me.

From Despair to Where?

It’s over,

Excitement has passed and hope has gone.

Feeling numb, this isn’t right.
What I have dreamt about is out of sight.

Questions all around, so endearing.
Their answers have no meaning.

Enquiries ensue, trying to resolve.
But in the end nothing is solved.

Everyone is interested.
Not many have invested.

When in despair, sanctuary is found in the darkest place.

It’s over,
time to begin.


He sits in a muddy northern field,
seeking self improvement.
His focus remains sharpe and unshakeable
despite biting gusts and icy drops.

The volume turned down,
the world so far away.
This is his peace.

An unemployed shopping bag whisks by.
Preparation and repetition, a copy of a copy
throw after throw.
Intrinsic analisis determines where the faults lay.

Children recognise an unlikely hero,
temporarily amazed.
Propelling wood away from body mass.
This is rarely easy.

Not Your Fault

I know.

It’s not my fault.
But I still have to live with it.

Being different, is not my fault.
But I still have to deal with it.

I’m treated differently by everyone, and it’s not my fault.
But I still have to accept it.

There are things I can never do, it’s not my fault.
But I still have to dream about it.

Sometimes I feel inadequate and insecure, these feelings aren’t my fault.
But I still have to endure them.

I’m unsure of myself and others, it’s not my fault.
But I still have to conceal it.

I hide my feelings to stop from being hurt, it’s not my fault.
But I still have to feel it.

It’s not my fault.

I know.

Believe in Something

Belief is God.

Without belief, nothing can be achieved.
Belief can keep you going, when it seems impossible to go on.

Belief is Religion.

With belief our dreams become reality.
Leaving us to dream new dreams.

Belief is Knowing.

Always remember that God may not exist, but belief does.


True strength is
balance, control and direction.

Not just physical strength,
also mental strength.

I see packed out gyms,
full of weak people
trying to improve themselves.

You can seem to be very strong
when in a strong position,
but being strong in a position of weakness
is a true indication of strength.

Work on your weaknesses
to make yourself stronger.
Work on your strengths
to make yourself weaker.