give the mind toys to play with,
in the dark I can’t tell the difference
between me and you.
Sometimes dreams are just dreams,
filing memories randomly,
not intended to
make the morning shower –
But the ones about you
are so hard to forget.


When people talk about football
and at length,
it makes everything seems so pointless.

Opinions are meaninglesss
for the
they suck the life out of me.

Listening to Bloc Party
makes me
want to write again,
must connect with me in someway.

Somethings will help you to remember
you childhood
adolescence, where
ultimately you were at your happiest without knowing it.

It’s quite possibly true that the money would make anyone
basically happy
but not truely happy,
and there truely must be something in that.

I can’t tell people what to think
I want to,
it’s the opinions that divide us and actions that bring us all back together.

In my opinion.