Summer Bummer

Been a while since I last blogged, and I’m sincerely sorry for the disruption caused to all your lives. I have a few reasons for not blogging, one being that I competed 5 times last month and was left physically and mentally knackered. The other reason being that I moved in with wor lass and finally left home after 31 years, it was a very big step for both of us and has been a long time coming having bought the bungalow in May. However we are in now and all the building work is almost done, me and Rach are settling into life together nicely – I am banned from the kitchen and Rach is banned from the TV remote.

Yeah most of the work to the house is complete but I still can’t believe how much everything costs, stuff that you don’t notice when you live at home with your parents, like food shopping – I have a lot to learn. Thankfully Grainger PLC have kindly offered to relay our drive for free, which is a great gesture and I’m very humbled, they’ve supported me fantastically this year.

July was a tough month and towards the end of it the wheels started to come off a bit in terms of performance. I threw fairly well into a strong wind at Bedford to win the English championships, but then I had pretty dismal performances at Hexham and at the UKA Challenge in Stoke Manderville – I lost to Thomas Green at Stoke, I’ve known Thomas since he was a young boy, he’s kind of a protégé to me, is very similar to me, I’ve always known that Thomas has the potential to be a top athlete and he’s progressing very well, he’s still young and has a great future ahead. Thomas is only the 4th class F32 to beat me in senior competition and arguably the first genuine one, the first two were reclassified. The whole competition was very good, and it was heartening to see so much strength and depth in British club throwing.

I was disappointed, I’m a competitive animal and always go out to win so it obviously hurt, but it was the performance that hurt more because I was well under par in what were good conditions for club throwing. It was the end of a frustrating time for me, I threw 28 metres in 4 consecutive competitions, we know that’s not me in any conditions. In hindsight I realise I have done too many competitions this summer but I’ve felt under pressure to do so and to meet certain performance conditions, whether that’s right or wrong I don’t know. In the end I was left extremely fatigued mentally and probably lost a lot of conditioning, but it’s what happened and you move on and learn.

My next competition is at my very own Gateshead Stadium on the 27th of August, it will be a very poignant day as it will be exactly one year to the Paralympic games opening ceremony. A few nice sexy throws would be the perfect way to celebrate a year to go. There’ll be lots of Paralympic athletes competing at Gateshead, so if you’ve got nowt to do, get yourself down to watch.

My beloved football is back and Newcastle are in just in need of a striker and then we can go on to dominate English football for years – well until a ‘bigger’ richer club buys our best players.