So Here We Are

Two and a bit years since my last major competition – the Beijing Paralympics for those scratching their heads – and here we are on the verge of the next biggie. Its less than a week until I fly to Auckland for the final preparations before the World Championships in Christchurch, and I haven’t thrown outside for about 6 weeks – thanks snow! I’ve also been hit with a particularly nasty virus which has tried very hard to kill me over the last 9 days. Still, I haven’t really got any complaints regards training as it has gone very well and feels really good, we’re just hoping I don’t get to Auckland and find out I’m throwing about 20 metres. I’m sure I won’t be, and even so I’ll have over 2 weeks to put it right before I compete, so far my competition is scheduled for 9am on the 24th January – You do the maths, that is likely to change though.

This month hasn’t been too great for me, I’ve spent much of it struggling to get out the house due to the stupid weather, if it wasn’t for my fantastic mam I would’ve probably been stuck in the house but she’s been clearing the path everyday to get me to training and to work. Only one day I didn’t make it to the gym because I physically couldn’t get out the van to my wheelchair, I tried walking it but ended up rolling around in the snow. It is a ridiculous time of year to hold an athletics event.

Most of the events in December were cancelled, however all my Christmas parties went ahead. I had a good time at the Grainger PLC Christmas Party at the Hilton. It was great to be introduced to everyone and meet the people who work for the company, it seems a really positive company to work for. I took part in the team building exercises in the afternoon which were very interesting indeed, and I somehow ended up winning the stupidest balloon hat wearing competition.

Amazingly me and Rach got away to Leeds for a couple of days just before Christmas, I think it was the only place in the UK that didn’t get snow that weekend. Very lucky but it was nice to take Rach away for ¬†an early birthday present as I’m away for her birthday in January. So while I’m in New Zealand, spare a thought for poor Rachel – how will she cope without me?

As this year ends, it will f0rever be remembered as the year I lost my dad so cruelly. The pain of his loss will never go away, but we remember him with much fondness and unspeakable love, his memory will drive me on to better things for his spirit is within me for now and forever.

This year will be remembered also as the year I got engaged to the love of my life Rachel and we had one of the best knees ups to celebrate.

Now I’m off to create something beautiful in New Zealand. In the meantime – you stay classy.


Just a very quick note to say that I have just about survived very severe man-flu, I’m now struggling to talk which will make lots of people happy. Have a great Christmas with lots of presents and pie, I will blog next week before I jet off to New Zealand (hopefully). *I don’t like snow any more now that I’m old and miserable.

PS – Big congrats to AP Mccoy for winning SPOTY, such a humble bloke and he’s won me a few quid over the years.