Thoughts etc…

She says things
like throw-away wings,
those wings take me up
but she brings me down.
To my non-suprized
It’s her eyes
and their liquid lies
that reel me in,
I never could swim
and it shows,
as I flounder with her.
Words stuck in my mouth,
with her ideas filling
my mind,
a day-dream
that’s just too many days away.
Maybe a
life-time away,
the thought of it
swells my emotions,
she makes life slow-motion.
Who knew
how she could bake me up
only to devour me.
She talks to me
at length
and the strength wears off slowly.
She says she loves me
and things,
I might love her,
given the chance.


Everyone’s trying to
save the world.
The world can take care of itself.
Who is going to save the world
when we are gone?
It’s ourselves we should be

Stag Do Boo Hoo

Last weekend was Danny’s stag do, being one of the best men I was a bit worried that all the lads would enjoy it and have a good weekend. It proved to be a supreme weekend. Friday was a blur and things are just starting to come back to me.

I’d like to appologies to the girl I danced with on Friday night, I just realised a broke her necklace, feel pretty bad about that but she was a bit of a tease though. At least I have a nice souvenier of the weekend.

Alcohol calm down now.