Weekend in the City

All things start and end
with a realisation.
Otherwise you just drift along.

Had a good weekend in the East-Midlands, starting with a meeting in Coventry with my medical team. They seemed to breathe a sigh of relief when I told them I didn’t think now was the right time for surgery. They had some concerns over the operation and my continuation in sport, and the proposed recovery time was anything from 6 months to a year. We all concluded that postponing surgery until post London was the most sensible plan.

The rest of the weekend was spent at Mannatech’s European Convention, celebrating 10 years of Mannatech in Europe. I met people from all over the world who were all very positive and full of stories of how Mannatech products had helped them. I’ve only been with Mannatech since May so I’m looking forward to a long and successful relationship with them as part of Team Mannatech.

Went to see Arctic Monkeys at the Arena on Monday, I can honestly say it’s the worst live gig I’ve been to. Four lads on stage totally disinterested and half-hearted – Just because you’ve got soft long floppy hair and David Bowie’s been to watch you doesn’t make you rockstars. It’s not suprising they rose to stardom through the Internet, they were lifeless and the musical performance was terrible. Was unbelievable they sold the Arena out just because Jo Wiley says they’re ‘Canny Good’.

Something Beautiful

If you need me,
I’ll be busy trying to make
something beautiful happen.

Was in the gym this morning, working my proverbials off, only to be interrupted by the 2 minutes silence for Armistice Day – I wasn’t complaining though as I needed the rest and the people involved in WW1 sacrificed much more than I sacrifice to be an elite athlete. The people who died in WW1 had their choice to be silent taken from them, so it is a great tribute that we choose to be silent together for them. It was a bit eery almost pausing my session, but I carried on with a tad more vigour when the time was up.

Whatever it may be, it takes time  and perseverance to create something beautiful.

Bish Bash Bosh

sept08 111Here’s a picture of me and the main man of the moment David Haye at the Sports Personality of the Year last year, I must admit even I thought he had bitten off a bit more than he could chew in taking on Nikolai Valuev. But he proved me and a lot of other people wrong, and his success is well deserved – there’s a lot to be admired about David Haye, he was a totally nice bloke when I met him in Liverpool, all the bravado and pre-fight insults are very much for show, and you have to admit he is very good at building interest in his fights. Deep down though he  seems a humble and private man, who works hard and is very dedicated to his sport – It would be great to see him clean up the heavyweight division, but at least he will create some excitement in a division which has been stagnant for years and is crying out for someone like Haye to mix it up a bit and take on the big lumbering boxers that have been dominating.

I’m off down to Birmingham this weekend for Mannatech’s European Convention, Mannatech have been supplying me with sports nutrition products for about a year now and they have been very good – it will be nice to meet the people who have been giving me all this great free stuff.

Ohh It Twinges

‘In unspeakable pain,
and with terrible inner fear,
we succeed.’

A little ditty I wrote at the beginning of this year, and I quite like it. The things we want so much don’t come easily, unless you’re very lucky, but luck tends to be an unreliable thing, so not really something to rely upon. I like a bet, and all forms of gambling rely on luck – needless to say I don’t win very often. Now, having the odd punt is fine but gambling with your livelyhood isn’t good, I’ve never been one to rely on luck in my sporting career – Some might say I got lucky with my last throw in Beijing but I know it was all the hard word, preparation and experience that enabled me to throw so far with my last throw, and it was no surprise I threw 34.37m, as I had targeted 34 metres before the competition. Like all sportspeople I’m sure, I go through agonising periods of insecurity and paranoia, especially when the pressure’s on. You wonder if you’ve done enough training, if you’ve had enough rest, if you can remember how to throw, all kinds of things. You have to deal with these thoughts to get to your goals.

I’m four weeks into winter training and am as happy as a pig in shit. Next year is massive and I will be a different animal when I start throwing sticks again in the Spring.