World Champs

Thanks for all the comments and replies to my email and website rantings. It’s much appreciated and very interesting to see other people’s take on things.

It seems it was quite difficult to follow the games generally, not just in terms of what I did, which is a bit disappointing given it was the 2nd biggest competition behind the Paralympics. I think the BBC do a pretty good job of promoting the sport and they can always just say that they don’t have to cover disability sport, which they have every right to say and public interest generally probably doesn’t demand a great deal more coverage than we get. However I do think this coverage we do get could be used more effectively by packing it full of athletics instead of the documentary-style program the BBC like to produce.

My gripe is how they’ve treat me personally this time, holding me in less regard than track athletes coming 3rd and 4th. I’ve been interviewed many times in the past and feel I’ve interviewed well, with clear speech and plenty of wit and humour. Whether they thought I’d had enough coverage in Athens, or that I win easy, or that some of my views are too controversial, I don’t know. But for the sake of the sport and lower disability classes (that I feel are being pushed out), I will continue to voice my opinions and push myself forward to be a role model for the next generation.

Now is a time for getting my head down and preparing myself for Beijing 2008.

Thanks once again.


I drank too much,
after I thank too much.
It’s the waiting,
that can destroy you
if you think about it.
The consequences, I mean –
inbetween everyday
fruit punch
and pasta crunch.
Hope can
drive you insane,
observing conversation flow
and tone and
evenings on the phone.
He’s snoring again,
sucking my thoughts up,
giving them back.
What if I muck it up
this time?
Playdo feeling mattress
is trying to tell me something,
swallowing me up to spit me out in the morning.
As the birds stop to sing,
I look into my eyes
and know this day is mine.