Salty sea
sucks the shore.
Succulent sun
shines the skin.
Scorching sand
slides and slips.
Sinking sky
slithers away south.
Solar sight
submerges so slowly.
Soothing sounds
seep into the soul.
Simple silly sports
soar the senses.

People are pouring;
travel and touring.

No need for fences,
nature can protect itself when it needs to.
Exploited for money,
poor people sell dark glasses to see through.
‘You smoke, big man?’
please forgive us, we know not what we do.


With my eyes closed, I see more.
Feels like dying, but then you live.
Starved of oxygen, feet first from birth.
Absent doctors, save time to delegate work.

What you see is what you get, a shallow diagnosis.
We breathe the same air, travel the same Earth.
We need each other, I give you hope and perspective.
You give me help and sympathy, neither of us want it.

The headlines say it all, this world aint fair
and they will stop and stare,
to take pity if you let them.
But don’t you let them.
Spare a thought for the victims,
as they wallow in self pity.
Victims of a blind-in-sight society.

My Matrix

Summary: It’s all in the eyes.


Through my eyes I
See the capsule of my world
Orb shaped; grey and gold
with silver rim; filled with liquid metal
Captured through sight with
the barriers it beholds.

Through my eyes I
Speak to myself without words.
Seeking another place
Beyond the pixels and fabric;
Beneath material light
Fish live in trees while
Reflections of how things should be
bounce back to me.

Through my eyes I
Live within a flickering screen
Wire connects me; passion without feeling.
Making love with exchange of text
Artificial sensations, warm with green tinges.

Through my eyes I
Witness dreams
People say they can save us;
but behaviour is all that makes us
So why do people try to change?
If only we could accept
what we see…


She cooks up my thoughts
in the middle of the night.
I sweat with fear and hope,
that I might not cope
without her.

She flavours my dreams
in the middle of the day.
I take images with me,
and audio clips hit me
without her.

She fuels my actions
in the twilight of life.
I bleed with unused love
that I can’t be a part of
without her.

Missing (Intangibles)

Summary: Ambitious rework of a crap piece.


It’s always in the last place you look.

A dusty black whole thorns my side.
Haven’t seen what it is
or know how it feels,
don’t know what I miss.

Turning over stones in my brain,
looking for keys to my dreams.

Scribble thoughts down,
no spell check
and the emotions come and go, a seesaw.

Future holds brittle new promises,
as faded projected images cloud my sleep,
black and white Polaroid memories provide consistent release.

Sometimes a smile is for show,
a natural smile is easy to know,
it’s not under control.

In the twilight of a working day,
tired through laziness.
‘How’s your day been?’
New subject material is required
as evening tea is served.
People talk around me as I search for words.
The words that will make them weep, or leap;
nothing in-between.

My reflection is changing,
the coast is always changing.
Admiring my haircut.
You can’t feel beautiful until someone tells you.
Do butterflies know they are beautiful?
Do they care at all?
I’d like to tell them one day but don’t know how
and what for.

Where’s the last place?


The truth hurts.

Do you remember, telling me you thought about me all the time?
I know this wasn’t true.
Your true feelings were never there
for me to see.
The truth was too hard for you to tell.
You’d sucked me in too deep.
I never realised
until too late.
Hurt unavoidable.

Is life that simple or that complicated?

I guess so.
Wrapping ourselves in warm lies.
Truth locked away
without a key.
So hard to get to.
It may never bare it’s ugly head.
Only escaping when unguarded
to be recapture in the morning haze.
It’s too hard to live with
once your lies have taken over.


Summary: Not sure about this one, just thinking about how care free and pure we are at birth. It’s good to keep in mind.

Born without fear,
no prejudice to blind us
only light to find us.

Pure in blood,
no concept of power
or money to offer.

Innocent eyes,
see everything the same
with no need to place blame.

Alive with amazement,
discovering the world around
by no possessions bound.

Thin concepts of love and hate,
crawling contently on earth’s surface
for education to deface.