New Labour

Forget election fever, I’ve got a new labour of love – my new throwing frame is here after a long wait, and hopefully it’ll be worth the wait, and worth it’s weight in gold! Haha, did you see what I did there? Pun of the year!

It hasn’t broken after my first throwing session, so that’s a good start. It is a very different position though, so will take a bit of getting used to and some tweakage of the old technique. With that in mind it’s unlikely I’ll throw from the new frame in this weekend’s competition, but you never know.

I’m in better spirits than I was because I’ve had a few injections in the hip which have settled it down a bit. The last competition I went to 2 weeks ago, I didn’t even know if I was going to be able to throw, so to get 32.48 metres was a suprise. I’m full of cold now though, if it’s not one thing it’s another, but I’m no bigot I tells ya!

Bouncing Back!

Just like Alan Partridge, I’m bouncing back, I’ve never really been away apart from to Portugal in March, I can only really blame a combination of being busy and laziness as to the lack of blogging action. I can but offer my sincere condolences for the loss of mental stimulation I provide.

Since I last posted on here, I’ve been training in Portugal and did a very intensive 10 days of training. It was a very positive camp and it was good to work with some UKA staff from down the country that I never get to see with being up in rural Gateshead. The only downside was that I went through the back of my wheelchair on the second day of being there, then the airline completed the job by ripping all the wires out on the way home. We got the chair going but then it died in Shearers’ bar after the Nottingham Forrest match which left me stranded, mind you I could have been stranded in few better places than in a bar.

Things haven’t been to smooth since Portugal, and although training has gone well, my hip has been very angry at me. I haven’t been able to move my left leg hardly at all, which has limited my mobility a lot. Being the stubborn sod I am, I still went down to the season opener in Perivale last Saturday and suprised myself by throwing 32.48 metres despite being in lots of pain. I have since seen the doctor who has stuck loads of stuff into the hip, so hopefully it will settle down a bit, I couldn’t feel my hip for a few hours after the injection which was pure heaven. I reckon I need an injection every day up to London.

This Saturday I’m doing my first after dinner speaking gig at the Centre for Life, it’s a dinner in aid of the Sunshine Fund. I’ve done plenty of speaking but this is my first as the main speaker at a charity dinner, so it’s new territory – wish me luck and send your joke suggestions.