I held it.
I don’t know where,
couldn’t see it,
could only feel it
and want it.
I held it
for so long.
Now it’s gone.


Depression sets in
when you realise that
other people’s lives are
as significant as yours.

Spending Time in Macau

The air is sucking at my breath,
the buildings cuddle, and stretch
my eyes towards a hazy sky. The
Sun might as well be the Moon, struggling,
suffocated by the surrounding smog. Noise
clogs my ears and a sea of heat compounds
my fears – lizards scramble clumsily for shade,
they’ve no air-con to come to their aid. It’s
populated by cranes, jabbering up empty buildings
for the rich to waste their money in. A girl
is bitten, and I become smitten with her shape
in the rising Sun. Something tells me that
this place has just begun.


This year
told me not to care,
but I can’t not wear
my face. I don’t like to chase,
I don’t want to waste my touch,
it’s given me so much.
I’ve seen the world,
but the place –
I haven’t seen the places.
Just the place I want to be
and the moments I want to be.