Soul Searching 2

And so,
as he lay in his bed,
mind misting over and
he kept turning over
and body shaking,
muscles firing and
sweat perspiring.
At 3am
the bed sheets are still clinging,
stomache crunching thoughts
are still ringing. So loud,
and his eyes are red round.
It always starts and ends the same.
And he never wants to forget
how he feels right now.
He wakes, refreshed.


Heating up
and heating up,
until we run like water
you and me.
Clear for all to see, we
wash each other until we
duck for cover.
Your lips can be
just an inch away
a taste away, yet
there are oceans between us –
where are you going to sail me?


This tightness in my shoulder,
is getter worse now I’m older.
Guitar strings pluck over the joint
and I can’t take this pain anymore,
now I’m not insane anymore.
I can’t quite see the point
as clearly as I used to.

You loose that invincable feeling,
you hit an invisible ceiling
as the rings mount up.
Like a tree grows though,
have to realise,
nobody cares about me but me.
And the ones that care
can share in the glory.

Die Sonne Scheint Noch

As new,
as the simple black pen
and neatly placed pages of
empty paper waiting upon a lonely looking,
modestly crafted wooden table – her thoughts
were most likely her’s to keep now.

As right,
depending which way you look at it, as the half-sided
curtain hanging over the only window, nobody was right here.
A window just that too high too see out of,
even on tip-toes. The words written and
prayers smitten make no difference now.

As guilty,
as any student with a conscience, she never
lost her head until the very end. Her eyes
didn’t see an end though, just a passage
to a better place – where the sun still shone
upon white roses.