Silly Season

Season’s come and go, but I remain the same, constant in my pursuit of perfection. I get so caught up with my blind ambition to throw far all the time that it often threatens to destroy me. As seasons go, this hasn’t been a bad one, my average is high and all that’s missing is some big throws, which I guess is what has frustrated me. Last weekend I threw 31.12 metres which certainly isn’t the worst I’ve thrown, but it really pissed me off because I know I’m good value to throw a lot further. I’m usually good at putting bad days behind me and looking forward but this one bugged the hell out of me, and as you can tell it still is. This is officially me getting it out of my system though, I know I’m trying too hard to force the big throw out instead of just letting it happen. It does annoy me when I do silly things like this but its all part of being an athlete. You can’t perform well all the time, so I’m going to stop beating myself up about it I promise. I’ve been going into competitions looking for the big throw instead of focussing on throwing the bloody stick properly. One day I’ll learn how to do this sport!

I’m of to Tenerife tomorrow with the missus for a much needed break, I’m planning on doing knowt, and I definately won’t be thinking about throwing.

I’ve had a nice quiet time of it over the last few weeks, would have liked a few more competitions in July but still its been good to have some empty weekends. That said, I could’ve been competing this weekend but I thought going up to Glasgow to watch NUFC play Rangers in a pre-season friendly would be much more productive – so that’s what I’m doing. I am competing a couple more times before I go on holiday at the end of the month, the competitions are on the 11th and the 21st, both at Gateshead Stadium so if you’re bored out your skull, come and watch and I’ll bore you some more. Just had another injection in my hip which will hopefully see me up to just before the world championships.

In the meantime my prediction for tomorrow’s match – game abandoned due to bent pitch.