Equal in conception and demise,
the difference is in between.
Some say they wouldn’t swap it,
I would.
Under certain conditions.

Equal in deception and lies,
distoring the truth that is unseen.
I’m not made of string.
I have
feelings all the time.

Equal in restricted ways,
yet free in a frustrated maze.
There’s no way out.
I look
every day and hour.

Equal in our fear,
your confidence is mine.
Got to burst this bubble.
I can
hear you again

Commitment Questions

Connections, all over my face
and hide.
Denting my pride, for the sake
of a chase.
My eyes glaze over, with mixed
emotions to intake.
Some feelings inside, just don’t
sit right.
It’s not crying, not dying but
somewhere in-between.
Must be this time of year, makes
me despair.
Auburn shades of brown, can’t shift
this frown.
It’s difficult for us babe, we can’t
stand straight.
I think I know now, I really do
think I know.
Sometimes I forget, but you’re always
there to remind me.
And it’s cool, so cool.

How privileged I am.

What I Have (Choices)

From the moment I breathe
to the moment I leave.
I think I need you,
I think I see you.
In my dreams you wake me
only to forsake me.
Enjoy being at your side,
and then you go and hide.
No one said it was easy,
you don’t have to please me.
We know you could take me there
but you wouldn’t even dare.
Me and my inner voice
knows it’s your choice.
There’s no right to be loved
in the way you crave, kid-gloved.
I have a promise made,
never to trade.

These choices I have,
I do not want.
And can’t make them anyway.


False admiration.

Thought you could deal with it.
Sort a feel for it.
And we could peel through it.
There’s no secret to it.
We secrete fluid.
Until interest dries out.
I cry out.

False hope.

Imagined Relationship

I love your eyes.
In the twilight frosty Friday.
You’re lonely
and drunk.
You know I’m there for you,
not a threat.
For you to bounce off
until you feel better again.
My hopes left empty.
You love my eyes.

Our reasons are different.


Why do you comfort me? Complete my shaking soul.
Why do you keep me warm? See my spirit light up.
Why do you cling to me? I sweat with you.

Why do you leave me, when I need you most?


What does it mean?

Out of the darkness.
I’m on a bridge, the Tyne Bridge.
Don’t know if I’m walking or not,
there’s a sense of pannic,
something is wrong.

Fighter planes drop to the horizon.
Try to run but can’t get anywhere.
Rockets launch towards the bridge
and you realise, you’re gonna die.
It’s hopeless, everything is hopeless.

Rockets miss the bridge in slow motion,
as you try to think your last thoughts.
Explosions reign, shuttling through the city
seeking loved ones to seek you.
Wetting yourself through pure fear.

The oldest war veterans,
reveal the darkest and sickest secrets of conflict,
with a sence of pride but mainly confusion and fear.
We have to listen and understand
for anything to be leaned.

Visiting my uncle in hospital,
his scars are long and deep
but spirits high, for he has survived.
It’s hard not to be scared of death,
when it comes calling too soon.

What does it mean?