Summary: I’m in a dark mood right now which explains some of this stuff. I just hate trying to work out what people are thinking and putting reasons behind actions. To be greeted by silence when you least want it.

The thick treacle
seeps down upon me.
Dampening my spirit,
so hard to wade through.

This silence isn’t golden,
I want it broken.

Invisible faceless voices
are talking to me.
I have to listen,
they talk rubbish.

This silence is heavy,
it’s hard to carry.

I see shapes,
arguing with the emptiness.
Deep flashes of silver light
cannot brighten this place.

This silence isn’t bliss,
don’t know what I miss.

Catch It

Summary: This tries to capture how life can pass you by sometimes, and its hard to know what to do about it.


I take a glance,
it goes unreceived.
Talking without audio,
trying to catch wandering eyes.
Churning up fake interest
with false conversation.
I know the story,
I’ve heard it before.
As hedgerows race past,
jet trails in the sky.
I think about thinking,
broomsticks flying round my head.
If only instant travel were possible,
to take me apart and back together again.
My particles in the sky,
could I be a different person, in a different place?
So back on the merry-go-round of life,
where time can be seen dancing with the devil.
Can I get off this rolling carriage,
and dance?


Summary: Reworking of one of my eariest poems. Just about how people affect you.

People come and go.
They mean nothing to me.

Sometimes, a person can take part of you,
and when they go, they take that part of you with them.

They might not even know it.

Sometimes, a person can leave you without going away,
and you can see them, hear them but they are not with you.

They might not even know it.

Sometimes, a person can touch your skin,
and you can still feel it, when the contact has gone.

They might not even know it.

Sometimes, a person can touch your soul,
and you will never forget them, even if you want to.

They might not even know it.

I see people all around me.
They mean everything and nothing to me.


Summary: Just summing up my week in the York moors. Its such bliss not to rely on technology and vehicles, and be cut off from the world.

No satellite to connect me
Only common sense to protect me
A compass to direct me
Insects try to infect me

In the end our memories are black and white
In the end I’m just black and white

Pineapple hair, amuse me
Fording streams, enthuse me
Butterfly in flight, bemuse me
Everything, defuse me

In the end our memories are black and white
In the end I’m just black and white

Natural Journey

Summary: Walking through Forrests brings so many thoughts to mind. How nature is more powerful than anything. The stars are so much brighter in the country, I can look at them for hours.

Come golden electric chair
Take me through the corridor of trees
Up the gravel escalator
So I can gaze up at the stars
Through the sky
Connecting the dots
A kaleidoscope of pearls
The size of worlds
I receive light from the past
Fuelling my questions
For my imagination to answer
There’s no right or wrong here

A Time To Reflect

Summary: Camping in the North York Moors gives you plenty time to reflect and wonder about life, with fantastic views and wildlife.

Time wastes me
Bobbing along this ragged path
Stroking lime fingers tickle my soul
Wary of defensive plants
Negotiating sparse human traffic
Until I can settle on the edge of what seems like the world
My loud eyes don’t make a sound
Envying the birds
I can see for miles
Allowing my eyes to soar
While white eagles glide,
Oh take me with you