Finally I get a chance to write on here, it’s been a whirlwind few weeks for me. First and foremost I had the fantastic thing of being selected for the IPC World Athletics Championships… Of course I’m joshing, because that was a given, and one of the best moments of my life so far happened on the 25th of September when my girlfriend Rachel said yes when I asked her to marry me. I’m pretty sure there aren’t many people in the North East of England that don’t know about our engagement, as it was well publicised. It was a bit of a blur and I was more nervous than I’ve been for any competition. Rachel said she expected a poem, I had intended to recite this poem, but I lost the ability to speak and can’t remember what I blurted out, it all worked out well in the end though.


I love your eyes.

In the misty Monday morning,
you’re there for me,
not a threat,
we bounce off each other,
until we gush together,
hopes fulfilled.

You love my eyes.


I wrote that after I came back from Beijing, the last major competition I had. Now its time for the next one, I’m well into my preparations for my 4th World Championships in January. I threw 32.49 metres at the CP Nationals in September, very frustrating but my hip was very sore during and leading up to that competition. I had an injection and a week off after that, now I’m into my 3rd week of my mini-winter and am starting to feel pretty good about myself again. We’re having a stint in Portugal in November to get throwing again, then it’s all guns blazing for Christchurch.

I haven’t been currently reading, listening or watching much as I’ve been so busy, I did watch some of the Commonwealth Games and it’s good to see the BBC are as rubbish as ever at covering sport, not even reporting on my mate Danny West’s silver medal in shot put. I’m still falling deeply out of love with football, even more so since Newcastle’s trip to Man City. Much more inspiring than any footballer or football related thing, was the rescue of the Chilean miners which really showed that if us humans put our minds to it we can achieve anything.

Meanwhile I’ll be engaged in every sense for the next few months, engaged in working towards my 4th world title, and engaged in filling wor lass’s bottom draw.