Back Around

I’m back! So you can pack your fiddly faces away and rejoice in the gloriousness that is my blog. Had a top holiday in Tenerife, mainly consisting of sunbathing, drinking, sleeping, sweating, peeling, swimming, buying daft sunglasses from Ghanans and splooshing about in the swimming pool. I didn’t do much eating because the food in the hotel can only be mildly described as some of the worst I’ve seen in a public eating place, or as one of the knackers in the hotel intelligently described it – shit. Add to that the fact that whilst eating the stuff you had to listen to a pan-pipe version of ‘Total Esclipse of the Heart’ on a constant loop, and you can see the restaurant wasn’t very appealing – I’m still trying to get that bloody song out of my head now.

The all-inclusive free beer made up for the food though, and it was a lovely relaxing week away. The hotel was really good for wheelchairs and our apartment was spot on. Me and Rachel never even came close to killing each other on our first holiday together – so bring on the next holiday!

Now I’m back in training and after two tough sessions my body really doesn’t like me anymore, I think it much preferred the sun lounger and 46 degree heat, but it’s just gonna have to get used to it and move on. Due to my pathetic throwing at the Tartan Games a couple of weeks ago, we’ve decided to have one last chuck at the CP Nationals on the 18th of this month. It will definately be the my last comp before the worlds, as the team is selected the week after – although there are some doubts over the World Championships after the massive earthquake in New Zealand, hopefully everything will be ok though.

Quick comment on some current affairs. Bizarrely there was shock horror at yet another ‘Footballer Shags Around’ headline, surely this is just regular Sunday morning reading these days though. It is particularly embarrassing for Rooney however, because judging by what I’ve read he seems to be the only Premiership footballer to pay her for sex, as the rest have all had it for free.

Fabio Capello wishes his players could just concentrate on football, yet another coach falling into the dedication trap – of course his players concentrate on football, they wouldn’t be as good as they are if they didn’t. I never like to stick up for footballers because I think they are overpaid and overrated sports people, but they are young men and must be allowed to enjoy their life – they graft hard all week then let off steam at the weekend, who doesn’t? To expect any athlete to eat breathe and sleep their sport is unrealistic and will end up harming the athlete’s performance because over-trying is the worst thing you can do in anything in life, all good things come naturally – with hard work behind it of course. One thing I don’t understand is why when footballers do go out, they feel the need to stick their thing in every orifice they can find – possibly because they hardly see their WAGS. Carlo Anchelotti has a pretty relaxed attitude towards this behaviour at Chelsea, mind you its a good job given most of his players’ private lives.

Reading – The God Delusion – Richard Dawkins
Listening – Killarmy – Quiet Weapons for Silent Wars
Watching – Anything but Xfactor!
Backing – My Freedom (14.00) 5/2