Fences 2

I lean my head
against the window pane.
The rattling makes my head bounce,
so I press my head harder
against the cold glass.
I’m comfortable there,
with senseless lyrics
swilling around with my evening thoughts.
Through my season-stained pillow,
all I see are fences
lining every route
and following the angry toots.
The air is filled with defences,
people feeling the need to
justify their actions and apprehensions,
usually to themselves.
I wish the driver could take more care
because my head is starting to ache
more than my neck can take.
I’m inside my own thoughts again,
time takes so long
and I’m not judging right or wrong
Is there really something more to this
Or do we just say ‘fuck it’
and live for the moment?
Surely hindsight will tell me,so why the hell do I worry.

Winter Moments

You can tell
at this time of year,
the sun is moving further away.
Even the sun’s shines are cold
to the touch,
and I don’t feel young so much.

Something still burns though,
as I pretend I can breathe fire
with freezing smoke coming from my
hamstrung lungs,
dispite this ice blue picture I’m
set in.
All that’s missing is the stream crossing bridge,
and you,
but you aren’t missing – I know where you are.

The brave winter birds are
with me,
bubbling along,
singing their troubles in a song.
Sometimes it’s a struggle to
get on,
but the sun will come back around
a few months along.