When is now?

Got to move on to the next stage now
Got to get out of this haze now
Hours turn to days to weeks to years now
Hours spent sitting in this black chair now
Starring into this computer screen now
Starring into another of my dreams now
Voices that sound so familier now
Voices I have no interest to hear now
Radio is playing the same songs now
Radio reminding me of days gone now
Hello I say to you now
Hello you already knew now
Habits are so hard to break now
Habits that I want to forsake now
Lunch break at quarter-to now
Dare I now go now?

Anticipation of Expectations

People say not to take anything for granted.
I become disenchanted, when things are not as I predicted.

Things I can control are so easy to direct.
There’s a sense of neglect, when others don’t act as expected.

It’s strange how I never seem to learn.
How I yearn, to hear from you again.

Thinking something will give.
Feels like I can’t live, unless I’m put out of this pain.

Full of uncertainty.
It would complete me, to have answers to my questions.

Eventually reality sets in.
Voices within, tell me not to expect any suggestions.

Time stands still. Suffocating my will.

False Wisdom

What’s got into me?

Things got so easy I stopped caring.
Stopped thinking.
Stopped learning.

Thought I’d cracked it, nothing more to do.
To say.
To think.

Things will take care of themselves, no questions.
No preparation.
No tradition.

What got into me?

Haiku Experiment

Cold apprehension,
A hot sizzle-like encounter,
makes me smile.

Breathing deep pitchers
of air, it will be right
this time, let’s see…

Blinding white-light anticipation,
The child I once was, enthralled,
And for what?

At untidy speed,
Rushing like water, I
know it will come to soon.


Reluctant night out
Concerns all around
Fears a plenty
Then. She’s here.
You belong to each other
For a bit
Sweet aroma
Oh to die now
You wake up
Self esteem replenished
For a bit