What does it mean?

Out of the darkness.
I’m on a bridge, the Tyne Bridge.
Don’t know if I’m walking or not,
there’s a sense of pannic,
something is wrong.

Fighter planes drop to the horizon.
Try to run but can’t get anywhere.
Rockets launch towards the bridge
and you realise, you’re gonna die.
It’s hopeless, everything is hopeless.

Rockets miss the bridge in slow motion,
as you try to think your last thoughts.
Explosions reign, shuttling through the city
seeking loved ones to seek you.
Wetting yourself through pure fear.

The oldest war veterans,
reveal the darkest and sickest secrets of conflict,
with a sence of pride but mainly confusion and fear.
We have to listen and understand
for anything to be leaned.

Visiting my uncle in hospital,
his scars are long and deep
but spirits high, for he has survived.
It’s hard not to be scared of death,
when it comes calling too soon.

What does it mean?


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