Bish Bash Bosh

sept08 111Here’s a picture of me and the main man of the moment David Haye at the Sports Personality of the Year last year, I must admit even I thought he had bitten off a bit more than he could chew in taking on Nikolai Valuev. But he proved me and a lot of other people wrong, and his success is well deserved – there’s a lot to be admired about David Haye, he was a totally nice bloke when I met him in Liverpool, all the bravado and pre-fight insults are very much for show, and you have to admit he is very good at building interest in his fights. Deep down though he  seems a humble and private man, who works hard and is very dedicated to his sport – It would be great to see him clean up the heavyweight division, but at least he will create some excitement in a division which has been stagnant for years and is crying out for someone like Haye to mix it up a bit and take on the big lumbering boxers that have been dominating.

I’m off down to Birmingham this weekend for Mannatech’s European Convention, Mannatech have been supplying me with sports nutrition products for about a year now and they have been very good – it will be nice to meet the people who have been giving me all this great free stuff.


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