The Important

What’s important?
Who’s to say,
I guess it changes
day by day.

We make our world revolve around things,
like work and money and being in a hurry.
These things always seem like they cannot wait
and we’re in a constant state of worry
that we’re going to be late.

For me,
number seven will have to wait
and there’s very little time until what could be number eight,
but I know these aren’t the biggest things on my plate.

What’s great about us,
is how we don’t make a fuss
in our darkest moments,
we can rearrange our focus,
happy to share
our greatest gifts
and put in a shift
for the sake of others.
Not just for family and friends –
strangers, foreigners, neighbours, dangers – the list never ends.

Caring is the important.

Putting others up
in the air, with love.
Way above
our own self worth.
That’s what we are for and that’s when we are more
than just a person.

We’re a people and this is our purpose.

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