Spring Clean

Wow so much has happened since I last blogged, I’ve hardly had time to think nevermind write my thoughts down. So where do I start? Well I know you’ll want to know the resulting aftermath of my online Sport Relief poll, as expected I got well and truly stitched up and no matter how hard I tried to rig the damn thing to be a dalek, I had to accept my fate as a sunflower. Rachel gladly made me a beautiful outfit to wear, with my contribution being a green morph suit that took me about an hour to get into. As you can see from the photos I made for a very muscle-bound sunflower, thankfully it was a lovely day up at the gloriously sunny Duridge Bay Country Park in Northumberland. Rach and my mam took part in the mile with me, and I beat them with consummate ease, although I had to wait a while to get past someone pushing a pram. It was lots of fun and if seeing these photos has given you an unquenchable urge to sponsor our efforts, you can relieve yourself here – https://my.sportrelief.com/sponsor/stephenmillerparalympian


You might have worked it out already but I’ll tell you anyway. The wheelchair I did the mile in was my brand new Ichair MC3 which has been supplied to me by my newest sponsor Meyra Ortopedia (http://www.meyra.de/). They are a company based in Germany who make both manual and electric wheelchairs and want to get involved with Paralympic sport in Britain.

Meyra have been fantastic to me and I’m over the moon with my new chair. I must give special mention to Carefree Mobility in Darlington who came to my house to take all the specifications for the chair and are going to maintain it for me, they also provided a brand new Jay cushion to ensure my boney backside doesn’t get sore. Here are some pictures from the presentation at Carefree Mobility. The chair looks sexy as hell with the cappuccino paint job, and even more so with me in it – Meyra wanted to make the chair as unique and special as possible, so on the hydraulic lift which can allow me to go up to my normal standing height of 6 foot 2 inches, they have engraved my name on the side so that nobody can deny that this chair really is the Miller Mobile!

The season is about to kick off in 4 weeks time, so with that in mind I whisked Rachel away to Windermere for a nice relaxing weekend before I turn into a raging, self-obsessive stick-throwing monster. Whisked probably isn’t the most appropriate word because Rachel drove and the journey there was fairly horrific with windy cliff edge roads, sheep playing dare and driving over what seemed like the highest point in the universe. Once we got there we had a great time and stayed in a brilliant B&B called the Willowsmere that had a fully wheelchair accessible bedroom with a wet room – I would highly recommend it if you’re going to the lakes. Here is my best effort of a photo.

I have started throwing after 6 months of hibernation in the gym, it is pretty strange at first as you’re so used to beating yourself up 5 days a week that having sessions that don’t completely destroy you physically is weird. The weather has been typically changeable ranging from bitterly cold, to unseasonably hot, to snowing – meaning my sessions have been fairly erratic but it does feel good to be back throwing again after the winter exile. As is customary for this time of year I’m off to Portugal for a couple of weeks to nail down my technique, improve my power output, get set for the first part of the season and hopefully get some much needed rays on my back. Warm weather training has always been important to me, the main reason is that I can focus solely on training without any distractions of work or appearances.

I will miss the Missus though and I’m sure she’ll miss me when she’s busy decorating the bungalow while I’m away.

Speaking of Rachel, she wanted to contribute something to this blog, so below this is all her own work and I take no responsibility for it.

Rachel is the bestest, much better then me


One thought on “Spring Clean

  1. Evelyn

    Hi all. I am new here and am very interested in googling interesting disability aids that helps to make life as a disabled better.

    Have some of you come accross this awesome little electric
    travel wheelchair that closes and pops open in 5 seconds and is featherlight enough to take onto bus and if yes
    , what do you reckon about it ?

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