A few end of year notes

Realisation is a great thing, in this fast changing world, days, weeks and months can go by in what seems a blink of the eye. It’s good to stop every so often to take it all in and realise what your life is all about and what is important to you. Life can seem monotonous and just the same thing over and over, then you have a change-over moment where things click in your head and you realise some changes need to happen in order to progress. If new year is your change-over moment, grab it with both hands.

I don’t do new year resolutions because I think they’re a bit tokenistic and are made to be broken.  Adopting life changing new routines and making them habit will have a much profounder effect on your quality of life and well being.  I want to live my life a little bit better each day, it’s true that you are what you continually do (Aristotle), so do it well and you will be well.

I set personal goals all the time, and I try to attack my daily goals knowing to achieving them will lead me to realising my dream, the dream being the ultimate goal of the time. Seeing a dream is important to maintain focus and motivation to attack daily goals, I see my dream every day and night, each time I see it makes it seem more real. I can feel it and smell it, it is me and I am it.

Have a prosperous 2012 and whatever want to achieve in it, have a damn good crack at it and make it memorable.

That is all for now.

2 thoughts on “A few end of year notes

  1. Diane Kay

    Just wanted to say thanks. I have never heard of you until I saw your ad on telly a couple of days ago and I couldn’t stop thinking about it!! Don’t worry I’m not a mad stalker who is going to send you strange things in the post, I’m just a mum to 2 fantastic boys. My 6 year old has cerebral palsy and I am almost at breaking point due to the brick walls I have to continually try to break down to get what he needs. My son is so strong willed and knows exactly what he wants, and you sum this up perfectly when you say ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’. I had never heard of club throwing either, until I searched what event you compete in. All we ever hear is ‘correct patterns of movement’, and ‘postural management’, and that doesn’t correlate with achieving independence and fulfilling dreams and ambitions. What it means for our son is sitting in a chair all day doing nothing. My son can lie on the floor and fling a toy across the room backwards over his head, and all we think is sh**!!!, and duck out of its path. Now when he does it I will give him something a bit heavier and measure how far it goes. We have gone from having a son who will never even manage to get out of his wheelchair independently, to a potential gold medallist, almost overnight!!!

    Good luck with your training and make sure you win something !!!
    best wishes
    Diane Kay

    • hailfabio


      Thanks for your message, it’s great. Glad I gave some inspiration to your little boy, I’m sure he has a great future ahead. It’s always difficult with a disabled child growing up, as with any child, but physios can be a bit over protective at times. My parents never held me back from trying anything and that was great for me and my development.

      If you’d like a copy of my book, send me your address and I’ll get one out.


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