British Grand Prix

Just found out yesterday that my event is on at the British Grand Prix this Saturday at Gateshead Stadium, get along to watch if you’ve got nothing to do this weekend – I’m sure you’ll have nowt better to do anyway. I’m also competing on the Sunday at the UKA Disability Challenge at the same venue. It’s great to get the opportunity to compete at such a high profile event, especially in my home stadium – I think it’s quite a step forward for seated throwing and the lower disabilities that the club event has been included.

It’s not often people in the North East actually get to see what I do for a living, so for goodness  sake come along to Gateshead Stadium this weekend and watch me chuck a stick over my head very far. I’m looking forward to it and hopefully we’ll put on a good show.

Had a decent chuck last weekend in Nottingham, threw 32.62m, which I was a little disappointed with given the good conditions, however it was a season’s best and was from my new frame. After the competition though, we noticed that the welding had gone on the backrest of my new frame, so I’ve broke it after two competitions. Back to old faithful this weekend, I know he won’t let me down.


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