Bum Deal

Wrote this update before the PWC but somehow it didn’t get published, be a shame to waste it so here it is. Had a cracking few days to celebrate my 30th birthday over the weekend – special thanks to Newcastle Racecourse for their fantastic hospitality on Friday.

13th May 2010 – Hiya everybody! Been a while since I blogged so thought I would do a little update, my computer died on Monday which is like a major crisis in my life. Hopefully I will have my pride and joy back soon as I’m struggling to cope with having to engage in conversations instead of staring at a screen for hours.

I’ve been in the wars recently, with a nasty infection getting into a spot on my backside, but I’ve avoided having a second arsehole, unlike many politicians over the last few weeks. Despite feeling a bit rough and run-down, I competed at Stoke Manderville a couple of weekends ago and for the second time this season I threw over the A-standard for the world championships with an almost identical distance to my first competion of 32.46 metres. I was pretty happy with that, and the competition wasn’t without incident when on my second throw the end of my club came off as I threw and went straight up in the air, coming down and leaving a big divot in my left shoulder, could’ve been worse as it could’ve landed on my head, al-though that might of knocked some sense into me so my lass reckons.

So it’s onto the Paralympic World Cup on the 25th May, my last competition as a twenty-something year old. I missed it last year and its turned into my bogey competition as I’ve never thrown well at it, I’m aiming to do better this year. Preparation has been good, however the news that UKA have cut my strength and conditioning support is a bit of a blow, not suprising though as everything is centralised round Loughborough and Leigh Valley now, but its pretty crazy that athletes on lower funding than me are getting more support services than me. And here was me thinking we were building up the London 2012…


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