Tick, Tick

Pain isn’t pain anymore.
It’s just an annoying irritation
compared to the feeling of losing you.

The Paralympic World Cup bomb is ticking with a week to go until the athletics kicks off in Manchester on the 25th May. I’m starting to feel pretty hot again after being under the weather for the past few weeks. It’s going to be a hot competition too with the Paralympic Gold and Bronze medallists from Beijing on the starlist. Of course I complete the set and I’m hoping I can break my Paralympic World Cup record of 31.65m and my stadium record of 32.88m. I’ll be in my old frame as my new frame isn’t quite the finished article yet. In the greater scheme of things it’s not massively important that I do well next Tuesday as it’s January that is the main target, but it’s a competition, and I’m in it, so when I’m in it I want to win it. This will be the first time I’ve ever gone into a club competition as the underdog (so long as Mourad comes over) so it will be nice to have a little less pressure, and maybe I’ll be able to enjoy the PWC this year, as it’s been a struggle in the past. The PWC is difficult to prepare for with being so early in the season but if I’m honest it is about time I threw well at it having thrown crap the previous 3 times, I’m due a good throw and it’s time to make it happen.

Special shout out to Paul Collingwood for leading England to the Twenty20 World Cup – He’s a canny lad for a Makem.


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