Painfully Trying to Dance

It’s that time of year when my ridiculously oversized wardrobe earns it’s money, so many dinners to go to and never enough suit/shirt/tie combinations. I was at the Sunshine Fund’s Question of Sport night last week, where my table put in a typically dismal performance but we didn’t come bottom in the quiz which is the main thing. I did make it down to the last few in Hit or Miss, which is a big improvement.

It was then to Percy Hedley’s Mistletoe Ball on Saturday night, where some very dodgy pictures of me were taken, and when I find them I will destroy them – well I’ll probably put them on here actually. I had lots of fun watching Ian Payne painfully trying to dance to former X-Factor reject Andy Abrahams, the late-great Whilley Thorne was also in attendance. The weekend was finished off with a short cameo at the North East Sports Awards as I presented the Unsung Hero award.

Loads more stuff coming up, the UKA awards are this Saturday, and the I’m dressing up as the fat red man to start the Santa Run on Sunday.


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