What I’ve Been Doing Lately

I’ve been pretty quiet on here for a while, and I know you’ll all be peeing in your pants with the anguish of not knowing what I’ve been doing. Well, I’ve been back in training (shock horror), this is my third week back and its going very well, tonight I did my first circuit for almost two years and that felt very good, despite me being totally spannered after the session.

After missing out on last year’s winter training, I am relishing being back in the thick of it, and for the first time since Beijing I feel like a proper athlete again. My hip dilemma is pretty much over as I am 99% sure I’ll not be having a hip replacement whilst I’m still a professional athlete – well, at least not until after London 2012. The main reason being that there are lots of risks surrounding surgery and the possible benefit to my performance is unknown, indeed there’s a 15% chance that if I have surgery I won’t be able to do physical activity at all, I don’t think it’s a risk worth taking. Every sportsperson has to put up with pain towards the end of their careers, and I’m no different.

I don’t think the last year has been a wasted year, it’s been a kind of gap year, I’ve still worked incredibly hard as I always do and I’ve competed pretty well, but I’ve just been ticking over with no real purpose or direction. I needed closure on my hip and that’s what I’ve got, I now know that it can’t be sorted easily and would take a potentially career threatening operation to fix, so I know where I stand and its a massive weight off my shoulders. It feels great to be able to look ahead and plan, I want to compete in London 2012 and I want to be competing for gold. The story begins here now, it has already started and its not stopping, I’m an unrelenting machine now and I will do everything possible to deliver my objective.

And everybody can heave a sigh of releif because no longer will I be moaning and groaning about my bloody hip!


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