Dear Old Mother


Here’s a picture of my mother and coach, Ros Miller, recieving the Services to Disability Athletics award at the England Athletics Annual Awards Dinner at Villa Park on Saturday night. She came runner up last year but derservedly took home the champagne this time. I’m very biased of course but recognition like this has been a long time coming, my mum has been so dedicated not just to me but to the whole of disability athletics for over 15 years. She has been involved in identifying, coaching and developing both athletes and coaches – She herself has developed into a great coach, helping so many athletes to fulfil their potential, and is a fantastic role model for anyone wanting to get involved in disability athletics at any level. I was so proud when she won the award on Saturday, it was a nice change for my mum to have the lime light and me just be her guest on the night. I asked my mum how she felt about the award and she said ‘Its bloody marvellous!’.

As for me, I’m back into training for my first winter since Beijing, and it’s full on to the World Championships 2011, as I’m 99% sure I’m not going to have hip surgery…. Will explain more soon.


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