Beers Time!

Well into my off season now and boy do I know it, I’m feeling pretty much like crap which is what happens in the first couple of weeks without training, as your body is used to regular extreme exercise, so it kind of seizes up when that is taken away. Plus all the bugs and viruses you were able to shrug off with the daily adrenalin of training start having a field day. So I’m generally feeling groggy and run down, but that’s nothing lots of alcohol can’t solve.

With the end of the season comes fresh classification issues and calls of wrong classification decisions. I’ve almost lost the will to live with classification, I can hardly be bothered to argue about it anymore. The main reason that classification won’t be sorted out is because people are only ever bothered when it is detrimental to them. A bit like football managers complaining about refereeing decisions, if a decision is against you then you complain, if it was for you then you didn’t see it, if it doesn’t affect you then you don’t care. It’s the same with classification, athletes have competed in the wrong class for years but have gotten away with it for years. GB will complain about athletes from other countries and say they shouldn’t cheat, but in GB we have athletes possibly competing in the wrong classification but turn a blind eye because it benefits us, it has always been like that.

The whole culture of classification needs to change if we are going to improve classification, everyone in the world needs to work together and not just point and shout when it goes against you – I admit I’ve done it in the past and have found it doesn’t do anything. The sinister air around classification needs to go.


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