Funny Old Game

One more competition to go in what has probably been the strangest season of my career. For starters I didn’t know if I would compete at all this year due to the big possibility of hip surgery, and it’s the first time since being 15 that I haven’t done a full winter’s training. Yet, as it has turned out I have ended up competing more than most fit and healthy athletes and have done almost twice as many competitions as last year – just for the shear hell of it. It’s really been a case of me thinking ‘we’ll I’m training hard and nothing is happening on the hip front, so I might as well compete while I  can’. Of course I’ve still been focussed and highly motivated, but it’s not an ideal situation for any athlete, this year I’ve had no real big goal to strive for, and I’m a massive advocate for having goals and targets to aspire to. I haven’t been able to plan due to the uncertainty, I’m a real stickler for planning my training so it has been unusual to say the least. And I still have no idea what is going to happen which is very frustrating, especially when you think I competed in Beijing almost a year ago.
On Saturday I threw 32.16m in Stoke Manderville, that was my third best performance this season but I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed. It was a competition I only decided to do last minute though, I had to be in London the day before so I thought I might as well stay over and have a chuck in the morning. Typically it was a nightmare journey in and out of London and I was cream crackered on the Friday night. So it was a solid enough performance which looked like being a lot worse when the official told me my first throw was under 30 metres and I only bettered it with my last throw. Ironically all but one of my throws were all over 30 metres so I wasn’t best pleased as I thought I had thrown really crap.
I have a goal for Nottingham in that I want to get a season’s best and break the 34 mark, I’ve been in good consistent form since July so I just need a big throw to finish the season off. I’m currently ranked 4th in the world this year so it’d be nice to get into the top 3.
Note to Capello – I’ve got a few quid on Beckham equalling 125 caps, so please keep handing him caps for doing nowt.

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