Everyone’s Getting Hitched

Not been a lot of great blogging material knocking about recently on the sporting front which is why I’ve been as quiet as John Darwin lately. Was at my friend Esther’s wedding over the weekend and had a good few days away despite me cocking up and forgeting to take my rail card to the station – we got there eventually though. I’ve been to about 5 or 6 wedding dos this year which is a hell of a lot of free cake, I guess I’m at that age where lots of friends are getting married, oh to be young and carefree again – well, some people would probably say I’m still carefree. It was a perfect day for Esther and Paul, with beautiful weather and a beautiful setting – bring on the next wedding.

Here’s some guff:

I knew how to touch you,
before I touched you.
The time we spend together,
always feels like new.
I knew I would love you,
before I fell in love with you.
The distance between us,
always feels too far.
I know when I see you,
I want to be where you are.

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