Losing It

There’ll be no singing today,
just rejoicing in what could have been.

Haven’t updated the blog since last week, so I’ll tell you I threw 31.70 at Gateshead last Wednesday, which I was quite pleased with considering I didn’t really prepare for the competition. To say I didn’t prepare is a massive understatement actually, if anything I anti-prepared for it, so to get 5 throws over 30 metres is very encouraging. By the way,  if you’re wondering why there’s been a lack of twitter updates from me, it’s because I’ve been locked out of my acount for some reason (probably because of all the crap I put on there), worry not though I’ll be back on as soon as I can be bothered to sort it out.

Been taking a keen interest in the World Athletics Championships, well it is my profession after all. As usual I’ve been thoroughly annoyed and frustrated at the BBC’s coverage, I’m sure they’ve got more pundits and commentators than there are actual athletes competing. Anyway, the little bits of action that they have let us watch have been very good. I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of dejavu when watching Tyson Gay jumping with disappointment after finishing second in the 100 metres, his situation was very similar to mine in Beijing. Gay produce the performance of his life but was well second, like me he’s done better performances in wind, but in a major that was his best. I could see his mixed emotions after the race, it is hard to take defeat when you  perform so well. I did think the only chance he had was for Bolt to have a bad start but Bolt actually had arguably the best start. No doubt Gay will be feeling both very proud and very down at the moment, and that’s simply because he was the World Champion and as a champion you have to believe your best performance will be good enough to win, when its not then its a huge blow in terms of confidence and pride. It will be easier for Isinbayeva to get over her defeat as she put in a terrible performance, so motivation to improve will be high, and although it will hurt her, it should be easy to move on. When you are so close to the edge of your best performance its difficult to find ways to come back and improve.

I know it took me a long time to get over being beat in Beijing, even though I was delighted with the performance and silver medal, it is just like being punched in the stomach. But all the best athletes love challenges and like proving people wrong, even if they say they don’t.

Still no news on the hip, you’ll know as soon as I do.

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