Getting There

I am officially getting there now after my best throw of this year at Stoke Manderville on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day in the Aylesbury sunshine, only the second time I’ve competed in good weather this year, and probably the first time this year I’ve gone into a competition with confidence and actually looked forward to throwing, mainly thanks to some technical changes we’ve been working on. I also discovered recently that I’d been unintentionly taking too many painkillers, which is always good to know. I had good preparation for this competition which I only decided to enter at short notice, apart from eating a toffee and banana muffin, which I discovered doesn’t digest very quickly before throwing. My indigestion didn’t restrict me too much though, I threw about the same as my second longest throw in Beijing (33.18), still I thought I had more than the 33.16 in me, but at least I showed I’m in the 33m shape that I’ve been claiming. Will be having a few more comps this season before calling it a day, possibly starting with Gateshead this Wednesday.

Competition Playlist:

Honey – Mariah Carey
Harrison Moses – The Hype Foundation
Let Me Be Your Fantasy – Baby D
Big Love – Pete Heller
Stay – Sash!
Don’t Stop Believing – Starship
Pretty Green Eyes – Ultrabeat
The Beautiful Ones – Mariah Carey
Got ‘Til It’s Gone  – Janet Jackson
The Bouncer – Klaxons
Phony Rappers – A Tribe Called Quest
To Lose My Life – White Lies
MCs Act Like They Don’t Know – KRS One
Break and Enter – The Prodigy


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