An Elephant Never Forgets…

And that’s why I’m not an Elephant, because I do tend to forget about things. I almost forgot to start the Sunshine Run last night on Newcastle’s Quayside. Thankfully my dear mother phoned me to remind me as I was crossing the Tyne Bridge on the bus after leaving work. So the crisis was averted and I was there to start the 8th running of the Sunshine Run, which raises money for the Sunshine Fund, of which I’m a VIP Patron. I’ve started the run every year but for once when I was in America competing, I’ve also done the race on my tricycle but I nearly killed loads of people and hit a lampost so I’m not allowed to do it for health and safety reasons now. The write up is here – – and I’m not too chuffed that they’ve demoted me to double Paralympic Champion.

I’ve registered to compete in the local league meet at Gateshead Stadium next Wednesday ( 15th July), I haven’t competed a lot this season for various reasons so I need some competition practice and sharpness ahead of the National on 26th July at Crystal Palace. Been a funny year because of the uncertainty surrounding my hip, and it won’t get any better until decisions are made and we can plan ahead. I want to end the season on some big throws as my season average is stupidly low, no doubt if I’d competed in the PWC and at Stoke Manderville – where conditions were good – my season would look much better,  but I had good sensible reasons for not competing.

It’s the nationals all the way now, I’m in decent shape and I know I’m still in 33m+ shape and aim to prove that very soon. If you’re around next Wednesday night and its good weather, get to Gateshead Stadium, get a suntan, get a beer, and watch me expertly smack the shit out of a wooden stick.

Ciau x


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