I’m So Vain

scan0001I’m so vain, its true, I even think this post is about me – Well, it is actually all about me, in fact so is pretty much all of this blog, apart from when I start rambling on like I am now. The picture on the left is from the dinner on Friday night which was at the Visitors Centre in Gateshead, and was to mark Gateshead’s bid to become a European City of Sport. We’ll ignore the fact that Gateshead isn’t a city, as did the judges I suspect, the dinner was the end of a two-day inspection visit from the judging panel, including the President who came all the way from Milan and whom affectionately referred to Gateshead as Gatesheed – genius.

Gateshead really know how to look after their guests, the food was excellent and the wine, champaigne and port were freely flowing. Freebee dinners are definately my kind of dinner, especially as I’m such a tight-was, apart from when it comes to clothes, and I gave my new suit its first outing on Friday night, it caused quite a stir, its a suit not everyone could pull off, but I can. Each table was named after a local sporting hero from Foster to Edwards etc, and one of them was named after me, fittingly the one I was on, so I knicked the table info thingy (left) because I thought it looked quite cool and I’ve never had a table named after me before – I’m sad, I know.

My visit to Cedars school last Thursday got a good write up in the Chronicle on Friday, unfortunately the story isn’t online that I can see. Was a great day and very competitive, I reckon I won the club throw but had to be careful as there were gardens at the end of the field. One story I can show you is the write up from my visit to Sheffield for the changing places campaign.

starDecent picture of me too, here’s a few more pictures from my trip to sunny Sheffield…

changing placeschanging places3changing places2


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