Anaesthetics Sucks


Not the greatest picture of me here, but it shows off nicely the door to my dressing room, which I was afforded the luxury of at the Own-It awards night last week. It was certainly a new experience for me and I hope the next time I have my own dressing room it has a gold star on the door as well as my name. Here below is an equally unflattering photo of me with the substantial food offering in my dressing room – God, I really do need a haircut.


I attended the annual Sport Northumbria Dinner on Monday night at the Civic Centre. I think my missus knew more people than me, mainly because she did a mickey mouse sports Masters at Northumbria Uni (I’m joking of course). I was a little miffed that I wasn’t involved in any of the formalities on the night, but it was an enjoyable evening none-the-less and I happily accounted for one less rubber chicken in the wild. Also, the demonstrations were excellent as usual, particularly the acrobatics.

On Thursday I went to the Freeman hospital in Newcastle for my CT scan. I was reliably informed by EIS doctor Greame that I would be in and out in half a day, but when I arrived for admission at 9.45am I was told my scan was booked for 2.30pm. My heart sank and my mum went into her best rant mode but to no avail, so the morning was spent texting, checking emails and putting last minutes bets on for Royal Ascott. I eventually got admitted about 12.30pm, and was starting to get canny hungry, my only fear was being kept in overnight, I was determined to get out that night as the ward I was on was pretty grim. I went down for my scan about 3pm, I wasn’t knocked out until I got on the bed in the CT room, the scanner just looks like a big washing machine, I got on the bed and got knocked out. Normally under anaesthetic I’m out cold but this time I was dreaming about being out on the lash in the Bigg Market, wierd – I was only out for about 10 minutes and the first thing I asked when I woke up was what won the Gold Cup, Yeats won which I was happy about as I don’t back many winners. Once back on the ward I ate and drank as much as I could so I could convince the nurses to let me go home. I got out about 6pm and was starting to feel pretty rough, by the time I got home I had to head to bed and I felt proper ill all night, still, at least I was in my bed.

Next day we drove down to Wigan, I was feeling much better and very up for the comp back at the scene of my personal best (36m) in 2005. So I competely pissed right off when I turned up at Robin Park on Saturday morning to find near identical conditions to Perrivale in April – cold and a strong head wind. I felt like pulling out and going home, not because I only compete in good conditions, but because grand prixs are mainly just about distance, you’re competing against yourself. I knew a big throw wasn’t possible, so my goal was to throw further than Perrivale and I threw 28.91m, which is almost a metre further than Perrivale. So a seasons best and encouragement for me even if everyone else probably thinks I’m on the pies and am throwing crap, I believe I’m in good shape and just need the opportunity to show it – Possibly only one more opportunity for me this season, at Crystal Palace on 26th July – I’m due good conditions surely. Finally, some amateur pics of me from Wigan, can you see the wind?



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