If You Need a F***ing Catscan…

I’m booked in for a CT scan at the Freeman hospital two weeks from today, on the 18th June. Unfortunately this is only 2 days before I’m due to compete in Wigan at a CP Grand Prix. As I’m being put under general anaethsetic for the scan (due to me not being able to stay still for more than 5 seconds), I’m hoping I won’t be too bad afterwards and will still be able to travel down to Wigan the day after. Not ideal preparation for a competition, but it isn’t easy to get slots for CT scans under GA, so I need to take this opportunity now and hopefully the scan will shed some light on what is going on inside this bloody hip of mine. I’ve wanted the hip scanned for years but there’s been reluctance to knock me out to do it, so I’m happy its finally getting done. The EIS doctor doesn’t think there’ll be a problem with me competing and even said not to ask for GA before every competition if I break the world record.

I’ve got lots of cool gigs coming up this month which I’ll be sure to let you know about. I’ve been thinking lately about the ingredients of success, and things that come to mind are – desire, ability, work-rate, talent, coaching, courage, luck etc. Lots of different ingredients are needed to have success, and like everything, it all needs to be perfectly balanced to get it right. Which is why I like to think of real success as sustaining success over long periods of time, and not just having one off moments then fading away. All things happen for reasons, success doesn’t happen by accident, it happens through deliberate and continuous efforts, knowing the reasons for success is important, even in winning the lottery the reason you won is because you bought a ticket. One of the biggest reasons for failure is expecting success to happen, assuming you will win – thinking you cannot fail is a good thing and shows confidence, but you need to accept that failure is always possible and not be scared of failure. Its not a right to have success, it can be easy to feel that way when things are going well, but success is something that always has to be seized, you have to take it because it doesn’t come to you, it has to be wrestled every inch every time. Success is hard and difficult and frustrating and tiring – that’s why everyone wants it but only a few can have it.

Random notes now, I get subjected to some crap radio stadions at work and being part time I don’t get any say in the matter. The latest is Real Radio, and they’ve got a competition where you get £1000 if you find the Real Radio Renegade, well a couple of weeks ago at Gateshead stadium someone asked me if I was the Real Radio Renegade, I think I could’ve won and have been annoyed ever since.

Enjoy a good gambling weekend, I”m hoping for Perfect Truth in the Oaks, Black Bear Island in the Derby, Del Potro in the French Open, Button to win the Turkish GP and Beckham to get on in Kazakstan – C’mon!


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