Suck It and See

Can you get banned for having a performance enhancing operation? Asked one of the 8 orthopaedic consultants in the room, followed by howls of laughter. Yes, I was in Coventry last Wednesday to meet Professor Griffin’s medical team about my hip, I have to say that there were a lot more doctors than I expected, must have been about 30 or more in the room. It’s a bit wierd when you’re in the middle of so many professionals and they’re all talking about what’s wrong with you and what should be done. There were lots of different opinions flying about, and I felt a bit like a piggy in the middle at times, indeed when I got to the hospital the receptionist looked at me and said ‘oh so you’re the Ginnie-pig today’. Which made me wonder what the hell was going to happen to me, but it wasn’t so bad, I didn’t even have to take my pants off. I just had to try and hobble about a bit and answer questions about my hip – I even showed my promotional DVD that I normally use when speaking to show them all how I throw, which seemed to go down well. Loads of suggestions were punted around, including fixing my hip at a 90 degree angle, meaning my leg would always stick out infront of me – I quickly quashed that idea. After well over an hour vigorous discussion was still ensuing and I had to catch a train so I left them to it.

It’s clear that mine is a unique case as it’s not just about pain and physical discomfort, it’s about continuing my sporting career to a high level. The gist of the meeting was that either hip resurfacing or a hip replacement would take away the pain, however no assurances could be made as to whether I would be able to get back to the to level of sport, which I kind of knew anyway. With any surgery it’s going to be a case of suck it and see, if it comes down to my desire and determination to do the work, then I’m sure I’ll be ok. I’m also sure that I’ll be back in Coventry again soon but even though it’s a bugger to get to, I know I’m in the best possible hands.

Was an interesting weekend and it started on Friday at Gateshead Stadium with the DSE Junior Regional Athletics, where I had the hardest job of the day in picking the best male and female – I was tempted to pick myself for the best male after my height bean bag exploits but unfortunately I’m about 10 years too old. Sunday saw the athletics at the Paralympic World Cup, and I couldn’t help but feel that as I sat watching NUFC’s pathetic attempt  to stay up I should’ve been throwing a club over my head. Turned out to be a pretty poor competition with the Tunisian not turning up, ironic that the only year I don’t do the PWC I probably would’ve won it.

Oh well, I’m a year older tomorrow so feel free to wish me well and send me loads of money. Chao.


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