Clowning Around


I’m not one for clowning around but here’s a cracking picture of me being kissed by a clown, and looking pretty happy about it, at the launch of the Children Foundation’s Batton Relay fundraising scheme just after Beijing. I spoke at the Children Foundation’s AGM last week, and I had some interesting conversations with like-minded people. Particularly about how much more can and should be done for babies and young children with cerebral palsy, as the earliest years are when the biggest impacts can be made and the severeness of cerebral palsy can be greatly reduced. Also discussed was the importance of disabled people staying active and the benefits to their well being that can give, this is a particular problem when people leave school and support services are withdrawn. Much more research needs to be done into the treatment of cerebral palsy, there’s so much scope. The Children’s Foundation are initiating ground breaking work and I’m proud to support them.

Had a canny weekend in Liverpool for my mate’s stag do. Unfortunately it clashed with a dinner for another charity I support – The North East Special Needs Network – However my mum stood in for me and did a great job by all accounts, speaking at the Buttercup ball on Saturday, while I was eyeing up the punching machine in Walkabout bar – That’s all I eyed up, honest.

I’m up at ridiculous o’clock tomorrow to go to Coventry for the meeting to end all meetings about my hip, well, until the next meeting. Nah, I’m going down with an open mind and am going to base everything on what I’m told by the experts and how they answer my questions. I’m not doing the Paralympic World Cup on Sunday, but my event is on and it’s a pretty competitive field with the Paralympic Gold and Bronze medallists on the start list, I’ll be keeping an interested eye out for the result, and probably wishing I was competing.


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