Hip Hip Horray

I take back what I said about the media coverage of the EFDS Awards, seems everyone got there in the end, if a little late – apart from the BBC of course. Next Wednesday I head to Coventry for a medical meeting about my hip. Here are some of the questions I’ll be asking to discuss:-

– What type of replacement do I need and what material will be used?
– What will the recovery time be?
– What will the rehabilitation involve and how long will it be?
– What’s the risk that I could damage the joint early on with my involuntary movement?
– Which movements and body positions will the joint not stand up to, if any?
– Will the joint cope with the unusual ways I move and the positions I get into?
– How much impact will the joint be able to take?
– Can the joint handle the volume of training I currently do up to London 2012 and would this impact on the life of the joint?
– Would I realistically be able to carry on up to London taking painkillers? Will the pain get significantly worse?

Some weeks I think I’m ok and don’t need an operation, other weeks I want to get an axe and saw the bloody thing off myself. I’m confident the right decision will be made.


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