idoudiHere’s a picture of my successor in Beijing, the controversial (to me anyway) Mourad Idoudi of Tunisia, who is the man I want to beat in Christchurch 2011 and London 2012. I found these pictures through typing ‘Stephen Miller’ into Google image search – not because I’m unbelievable vain (even though I am), it was for my Team Mannatech sponsorship which I’ve gladly been accepted for. It’s pretty cool when you type your name into Google and loads of pictures of you come up, it kind makes you feel like you’ve made it, but then a picture of the guy who beat you and took your world record comes up and makes you feel crap.  Beijing feels like ages ago now, actually that’s probably because it was, but I still think about the competition almost every day, I relive it and it drives me on to want to do more, because I know I can beat this guy.

Wanting is something I feel is so important in sport but is rarely talked about. It’s slightly different to motivation in that you can be motivated to do something but wanting is about taking, grasping somthing, it’s about knowing what you want and endeavouring to get it. Wanting comes in waves but I always think its good to want regularly, its not just about wanting to win, its wanting to train, wanting to improve, wanting to do the right thing, wanting to prove a point to others and to yourself. It always gets me when sports people say they have nothing to prove, because you should always have something to prove, everytime I train and compete I have something to prove – otherwise what’s the point? You might as well do sport for fun if that is the case. The day I feel I have no more to prove and I stop wanting will be when I take up a recreational sport like boccia or powerchair football – only joking!

Here’s better picture of me when I got my honourary doctorate:


Final thought for today – maybe Drogba wanted to win very badly, or maybe he wanted to cover up the fact he missed two sitters that would have seen his team win? hmmmm


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