EFDS Awards


Was at the NPower EFDS North East Sports Awards yesterday at Durham’s Riverside Cricket Ground. The picture above is of all the happy winners on the day. So you’ve probably guessed that I won an award – I won the Male Sports Personality for the third time, it’s always great to pick up awards at any level, I’ve now received four awards since Beijing and that is very pleasing. People often ask me if I get sick of picking awards up but you don’t get awards for doing badly, so it shows I’m still doing well and being successful, and you can never get sick of that. Others might get sick of me winning awards but I don’t think there’s much I can do about that, hopefully they enjoy my speeches. Here’s a pic of me getting the award from NPower’s Gary Doig (right).npower-awards2

npower-awardsI was moaning a bit on the day – very much tongue in cheek – that I never get a cheque at these awards, to which everyone told me that was because I was loaded – yeah, I wish. Anyhoo, I was cruelly asked to present a large cheque to a very deserving young swimmer, Josef Craig, who is going to go on to big things. As for me, apparently I’m too old and tight to be getting cheques, but at least I can fill my crystal decanter with dark rum. Yum.

npower-awards4On this photo is Faye Stevenson, winner of the Female Personality award. It was a really close category and Sam Gray, from my training group at Gateshead, was an unlucky runner up for the second year running. Great to see so much talent coming through in this region.

I need a haircut, or so I’ve been told, so I’ll be trying to organise that this bank holiday weekend – suggestions welcome. I’ll also be going to a stag do and celebrating my auntie’s 50th wedding anniversary. I won’t be watching the Ricky Hatton fight though, I love Ricky but I think he’s selling himself out by always fighting in America, to the huge cost for his British fans. I also can’t see how this fight can be billed as the decider for the best ‘pound for pound’ crown, when the best boxer in the world – Floyd Mayweather Jr – is sitting at home picking his nose because there’s no one worth fighting.

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