Post Holiday Blues

Had a great little three day break down in sunny Southampton for Rachel’s friend Jo’s wedding (I think that just about makes grammatical sense). It was good to get away from everything and even the 7 hour train journeys there and back weren’t so bad, although I nearly didn’t get off the train at Birmingham on the way back and almost headed on to Manchester, which is somewhere I don’t like going at the best of times. The only gripes I have about trains at the minute is that the wheelchair space is on its own with the two seats in front facing the other way, so you either have to sit on your own or find seats that aren’t reserved – and if you can’t get out of your wheelchair you’ve got no choice, which is canny bad I think. Also the wheelchair space is located in the quiet carriage, I disagree with this as the wheelchair user has no choice over which carriage they can go in and may need to use the phone, and may need to drink beer and chat on – much to the annoyance of old men, as I found out. Rant over. The wedding went very well and everyone and everything looked beautiful, I must say thanks to Jo’s dad for the free bar too. Will post some pictures when wor lass bothers to send me them.

Before I went to Southampton, I went as one of the guests of honour to Benfield School Sports College’s Colours Evening, which is like their annual awards night. The students were given a great show at the people’s theatre in Heaton, as I was joined by a Commonwealth gold medalist swimmer, a Gladiator and Jackie Charlton to give out the awards and say some inspirational things. It all seemed to go down very well with the young people, and I was loving my Kylie Minogue style microphone. Again, will post photos soon.

A clearish week this week this week, tonight is crunch time for NUFC and not winning will pretty much condem us to relegation, at least its exciting I guess.


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