Boom and Bust

All peaks have to start as troughs – that’s what I reckon anyway.

My post-competing-crap depression has gone now and its on and up – I’m taking a few weeks from throwing and will give it another go in June when I have a couple of competitions lined up. I’m not doing the Paralympic World Cup this year as it’s too much too soon, plus it’s not my favourite competition – mainly because I’ve always thrown rubbish at it, but hopefully it will still be around next year so I can finally win the bloody thing.

Got a busy month coming up in my social life which is always good now and again, the last few months have been hard as I’ve been basically doing my winter training. Me and the missus are off to a wedding in Southampton this weekend which will be some good R&R, although I’ve been told there’s nowt much down there.

Was at the Gateshead Kestrals awards night yesterday at Kingston Park, the Kestrals is a sports club for young people with a disability. Liz Neale runs it and is doing a great job creating opportunities for kids with varying levels of disability to try a whole host of sports from boccia to skiing. I always bang on about providing opportunities but I really do think its key in finding new talent. The Kestrals are also developing very talented youngsters for the future.

I’m giving out awards for Benfield Sports College tonight, last job before my mini break, should be fun.

Finally, I have a new sponsor! Mannatech supply sports nutrition products and have accepted me onto their team of athletes that they support.


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