Eating Turkey on a Sunday is Like Nailing an Egg to the Cross – Says Bishop

Easter weekend is over, and however you celebrated the going and coming of Jesus F Christ, I hope you did it well. Of course athletes don’t get bank holidays so it was business as usual for me, it was actually quite wierd being at home for Easter Bank Holiday as I’m normally away sunning myself in Portugal or some other hot climate on warm weather training, but due to the situation with my hip we weren’t able to organise anything this year. Still, the 2009 season starts this weekend, I’m hoping for more good weather and a big throw to show that I can still mix it even with a knackered hip.

I’m on a self imposed betting ban until I go to Aintree in May, and its going well, it’s a bit like my own little lent period. Big well done to my girlfriend who managed to go 6 weeks without chocolate, she’s a better woman than I am.


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