It’s Crazy Season

training6As promised, here’s some cool shots of me training from last year, showing the guns off by throwing a big ball at a wall. Today I was at St. James’ Park talking about inclusion at the Newcastle SEN Conference – Quite off topic for this blog but it was an interesting day to be at St. James’ with the news that Big Al is coming back to save the Toon. How do I feel about it? Very suprised but very happy, and wish it had happened months ago, it’s been clear for a long time that the staff weren’t right for NUFC, but I fear that the damage has already been done. It may be too much for even Alan to stop us being relegated, but you never know, and at least it’s got everyone’s peckers up.

training4I’ve got some fun links for you to get stuck into. A friend of mine Helen Ann Convery is doing a sponsored parachute jump for the British Paralympic Association on the 15th August, I think the idea is that we give Helen lots of money to jump out of a plane – go to for all the details.

Here’s a link to a video on Facebook of me doing karaoke – – I tried to put some videos on here but it didn’t like them for some reason.


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