CP Awards


mar09-007Here’s a nice picture of me presenting my mum with Coach of the Year at the CP Sport Awards a couple of weekends ago. Unfortunately the picture of me picking up my joint award didn’t come out too well, so I’ve posted some pics of me presenting some awards. Also, below are some cool shots of me training from about a year ago. I’ve started throwing for the first time since Beijing and it’s been going well, so I think I will be competing this season, starting in a few weeks time – I’ll keep you up to date.

Had a canny time at Blyth Valley’s last ever civic ball on Saturday night, despite it not being the total free bar I was hoping for. It’s still hard to believe that Blyth Valley isn’t going to exist, and I’m going to be a freeman of a borough that doesn’t exist – any boroughs that fancy a new freeman give me a shout.


Not that I’m desperate or anything. While I’m on about  Counsels and public stuff, I use the bus very often now and just cannot get my head around why when I’m standing at the bus stop waiting for a bus, people always ask if I want the bus that’s approaching. I know I’m a bit special and obviously would not have any idea which bus I want to get,  but seriously? It’s just another example of the generally patronising attitude disabled people have to face everyday.

At a Conference tomorrow, more crack later….


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