High Sheriff Awards Photos + Crack


sherrif2Here’s some pics of the High Sheriff’s Awards at Dance City the other week – courtesy of Gibert Johnston (www.gilbertjohnston.co.uk) – very well run event and I was happy to support it.

Excuse me while I spunk off over something that’s got me pretty wound up lately. It’s the football(soccer)/WADA stand off, and the fact that footballers are such clean-living and hard-working people that forcing them to sumbit their whereabouts 24/7 for drug testing is an invasion of privacy, but it’s fine for other athletes in sports where ‘there is a problem’. Haha god they’ve got some balls on them eh, how do they know theyhaven’t got a problem – there have been plenty of high profile cases over the years – particular of Rio Ferdinand jumping out of a window when drug testers came calling. This is just another example of a sport that’s getting too big from the very top to the very bottom, it is an arrogant sport that basks in its own popularity and looks down at everyone else, not interested in addressing or even admitting to its own very serious problems. Here is there most popular sport in the world, which week after week sets horrendous examples of bad sportsmanship, ill-discipline and disregard of authority. Now they are slapping down the world authority of doping (WADA), what sort of message does that send out to the millions of people who play football – ‘Keep on doing what you want, because no one can do anything about it’. I would love WADA to stand up to FIFA – any other sport would face expulsion from the Olympics – Like always though, I fear football will get its way.




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